The Easy Guide to Mobile data collection is an introduction to the requirements and challenges of using smartphones to collect data.

Collecting data using smartphones has many advantages in terms of ease of use and cost reduction, especially over the paper based method of data collection:

However there are common pitfalls that can make it much costlier, longer and much harder if not done properly. The goal of this guide is to provide you clear guidelines in a compact format.

To help you understand the various questions and tasks that need to be addressed before, during and after the process of collecting data, we split them up across the four key roles that need to be part of your team. Click here to get a sneak peek.

Using a friendly format useful for beginners and experienced professionals alike, The Easy Guide to Mobile data collection consolidates the key points from other longer guides about data collection while integrating the extensive field experience of Nirab Pudasaini, 2015 School of Data fellow and Lead developer at Kathmandu Living Labs.

This guide is published under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 Licence, and available on Github. Find anything that should be improved? File an issue so we can work on it! Want the guide in your language? Help us translate it!